La Jolla Aquatic Complex Foundation

The La Jolla Aquatic Complex Foundation owns and operates the Coggan Family Aquatic Complex. It is a California non-profit 501 C (3) Corporation. Tax ID #33-0897084.


To raise funds to help cover the Aquatic Complex’s annual operating expenses¬†and grow both the Capital Reserve Fund for major maintenance expenditures and the Endowment Fund.

Board of Directors

  • Brittany Russell (LJHS Class of 2000) – President
  • Chris Dommers¬†– Vice President
  • Rebecca Hartford – Secretary
  • Dan Pearl – Treasurer
  • Laura Jackson
  • Frank Bugelli (LJHS Class 0f 1980)
  • Luke Daniels (LJHS Class of 1995)
  • Greg Olson
  • Jason “Turtle” Brown
  • Steve Horowitz
  • Masis Kevorkian (LJHS Class of 1993)
  • David Jurist
  • Phil Dickinson
  • Tim Watt

Aquatic Complex History

In the fall of 1999 Dana Shelburne, the Principal of La Jolla High School, invited a small group of La Jolla High School supporters to attend a special meeting. Dana wanted to share his dream of building an aquatic complex on the high school campus for the benefit of LJHS students and the community of La Jolla. Dana presented a plan that would require realigning Fay Avenue to gain additional land contiguous to the campus so there would be space to build the complex. It was made clear that the school district and the City of San Diego would have agree to a land swap, the school district would have to allow a pool to be built on their property, and that a major fund raising effort would be required to generate the funds needed for the project. Enthusiasm for the plan was evident but the need to raise millions of dollars from the community was a major concern. Fortunately, by the time a second meeting was held, a pledge of $1,000,000 for the aquatic complex had been received so the group voted to move forward with the project. By May 2000, the non-profit La Jolla High School Facilities Expansion Foundation, Inc. was established with Jack McGrory as president. The project was expanded to include raising funds to add six more classrooms to the new science building that was to be built on the campus with funds from Proposition MM.

The fund raising campaign was called Project S.P.L.A.S.H. and the goal was to raise $6,000,000. Pledges were sought from parents, alumni, local organizations and other community supporters. A major pledge of $2,300,000 for the science building was received in the fall of 2000. A total of $5,500,000 was raised for the project.

In 2001 the City of San Diego and the school district agreed to the land swap and the realignment of Fay Avenue was completed. The school district also agreed to lease a portion of the LJHS campus for forty years to the foundation and allow the foundation to build, own and operate an aquatic complex on it. The Coggan Family Aquatic Complex was dedicated on September 15, 2002 and the foundation officially changed its name to the La Jolla Aquatic Complex Foundation.

The foundation Board of Directors hired Randy Franke as Aquatic Director. Randy and his staff are responsible for the ongoing operation of the pool including maintenance and personnel. Randy prepares the annual operating budget and manages the operating account.

The La Jolla Aquatic Complex Foundation owns the Aquatic Complex and the Board of Directors is responsible for its overall operation and maintenance. The Directors are actively involved in raising funds to help cover the pool’s annual operating deficit of approximately $50,000. Donated funds are deposited in the the Capital Reserve Fund or the Endowment Fund depending upon the designation of the donor.

The Aquatic Complex celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2012.