SPLASH Bash 2013 – Raised $10,000!


Over 375 people attended the celebration of the 11th Anniversary of the Coggan family Aquatic Complex on Sunday, Oct. 6.

It was a picture perfect day for FUN in the SUN for everyone!

The event raised over $10,000 to help cover future maintenance expenses of the pool.

THANKS to all who helped make this event a great success!!

La Jolla’s Coggan Family Aquatic Complex a veritable fountain of youth

The year after Columbus landed on the shores of what came to be known as America, fellow countryman and explorer Juan Ponce De Leon was following tips from natives of Cuba, Puerto Rico and southern Florida, in search of the Fountain of Youth. Apparently, he was simply searching on the wrong coast. More than half a millennium later, the Fountain of Youth may have been discovered. As it turns out, it’s at the corner of Fay & Nautilus Streets on the La Jolla High campus and goes by the name Coggan Family Aquatic Complex.

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